Women and minorities’ representation in the music industry has always been a heated topic of discussion. Over recent years, studies have shown that not only has it not improved, but the percentage of people within these groups holding key roles in the music industry is still ridiculously small. In order to have some insights on the topic, we reached out to Andreea Magdalina, the founder of shesaid.so, a community of women and gender minorities from all sectors of the music industry. We had the pleasure to sit down with her and ask her some questions about her career, shesaid.so and her overall point of view on the matter. This is what she said in our lovely chat.

# Hi Andreea, could you introduce yourself?

#We know you built a music community for women and gender minorities, how did you get started and what were your motivations to do so?

#Why was it so important to bring together and work with other female leaders and gender minorities in the music industry?

#What were the struggles and the barriers you faced as a woman in the music industry?

#So would you say that it actually inspired you to take the leap and gather women and minorities together?

#How did this experience shape your understanding of our society?

#What advice would you give to the trailblazing women starting in the music industry?

#Is it really only about working hard?

#Would you say that there is an equal opportunity for everyone in the music market?

#Do you think of shesaid.so as more than a job since you do things for women and gender minorities?

#Do you try putting boundaries to separate your private life and your job or does it get mixed up?

#We know you didn’t cancel the “she.grows mentoring” project in 2020. How hard was it to keep it going due to the pandemic? Was it as fun as previous editions?

#Talking about projects, are you working on anything new and juicy that you could share with us?

#Lastly, since NFTs have been the talk of the town in the past few weeks, what is your take on this new digital cryptocurrency and its meaning for the music industry?

#Any last words you want to give to any person interested in the topic and wanting to participate?

Well, there you have it folks. We hope you enjoyed this new format of our interviews. It really was an interesting and enriching talk with Andreea and wish her the best in her future projects.

If you want to know more, don’t be shy and go check out shesaid.so website where you will find a lot of complementary information about their projects and their organization. See you next time!