If you are making a podcast, there is no doubt that you need to establish tools and software to automate your work. This also add uniqueness to your creation. The right software will assist you in a smooth workflow. Previously we talked about the essence of podcast music , here we are going to talk about software. It does not always have to be expensive. If you are comfortable and confident about using software for your podcast, here are the best software for podcasters in 2020.

Notes before choosing the software

Here are a few notes to be kept into the consideration before you read about the best podcast software.

To begin with, there is never a legacy rule to choose tools and technologies for producing any audio or video content. Make sure any podcast software has to give you the basic essentials of the recording, and editing tracks.

Before jumping directly into the paid versions, try FREE versions and see if it best fits your parameter . Think about the use case and functionality. When there are so many options, it might be difficult to choose.

So, keep these points into your mind:

  • Features
  • User-friendly
  • Budget-friendly

To help you choose the software according to the category, I have listed 6 different category. See what works for you !

# Podcast Managing Software

Before jumping to editing software, make sure you have good tuning of the task schedule. Therefore, use task management software like Trello or ASANA. There might be a time where you are inundated with lots of work on pipelines. For instance, you might need to schedule guest with timing. There can be task sections like Editing, Interview Guests, Podcast Editor, Adding podcast music, and Production. They integrate with Google calendar, and automatically checked in with categories. Your work will be much easier saving you time.

# Recording Software

The recording is key to the pre-production process. As with increasing remote podcasting, you will need extra tools and software to connect. Some of them are Skype, Zoom & Zencastr. Among them, Zencastr has a high- quality sound with added functionalities. As it is built -in VoIP, you should not use any 3rd party service and can-do voice chat with guests directly.

# Audio Editing Software

Audio editing software plays a great importance in the overall podcasting journey. Like there are technicalities behind using podcast music, you have to have a solid platform for editing audio elements. It is recommended to use Free audio apps if you are an amateur podcaster. Audacity is a free track editor with various tutorials and limitless recording hour time.

Cast is an all in one package where you can record, host, and publish all the processes. It has great interfaces. However, this works only in chrome through desktop. It has the cheapest subscription, which is $10 monthly. Pro costs $30 monthly with unlimited mixing, editing, and hosting.

Note: Using Online software is easy comparatively giving you easy access to remote work.

# Post Production Software

If you want to give the clean touch up to your podcast, Auphonic is one of the favorable options. It upgrades your audio through different levelers and restoration.

For instance, if you are doing interview podcast and if you find a vast difference between your and the guest audio, you can use Auphonic to manage the audio file to make it better. Likewise, if you had background noises while playing podcast music , you can tune using Auphonic.

It is free for 2 hours of audio per month. As you upgrade, the price starts at $11 per each month. For editing, you have to download an mp3 file from the software and then edit it using editing software.

# Transcription Audio Software

Transcription is simply a process of creating text from the audio files. This way, you can capture the value and spread your audio content value faster in different ways. It will further assist you to grow your podcast audience.

So, if you want to create an extension of your audio. For example, creating a blog, or either adding subtitles to your audio, then Rev can be an ideal option. They can transcribe your audio with guaranteed accuracy.  The cost differs according to package like $1.25 per minute for converting audio to text. $1.25 per minute for captions.

# Hosting & Analytics Software

Fireside comes to play when you are planning to have all features to take your podcast to a different level. They have a downloading and tracking system to gather data about unique downloads. This way you can download statistics and analytics. Also, it gives you the ability to import existing hosted podcasts with easy dashboards.

We can admit that content is the most important thing. But working smart with software and apps would empower your podcast content. So, you can do far more than abilities and make your podcast unique out there.These may be the best software for podcasters in 2020 according to my view. However, you can Twist & Turn your podcast from the vast sources.

If you are filming, video along with the podcast, then go for some video editing techniques.

And don’t forget a good podcast is the one that contains good sound. So, podcast music are of great importance like podcasting editors. Looking for how to choose a podcast music, here is the read for you .Feel free to have a look to dedicated playlists done by the BAM Music team to enhance your podcasts!