We are living in an online world where every business needs testimonial videos. A smart business takes one step further and create compelling customer testimonials for uplifting their sales and marketing strategies. Praise coming from you directly can’t be that powerful. As a result, customer testimonials help in bringing people down to your sales funnel in a short amount of time, moving towards a closed deal. Music is one of the important aspects of customer testimonial videos. Let me guide you through how to choose the best music for customer testimonials.

93% of consumers say that they look to customer testimonials when deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

Customer is the hero of your story

A captivating video that comprises the great content with the right music is one of the best solutions to drive sales conversions. Music played in a video help customer feel engaged and comfortable. Thus, remember the following things before jumping into video aesthetics..

  • Remember that your customer is the hero of the story.
  • Focus on what do they want.
  • What is the obstacle your clients are facing?
  • How they overcome this through your product?
  • How they transfer as a business with your assistance?

Find the right emotion

Choose various sound effects and dynamic music for their video marketing content. For your testimonial video, you need to look at the videos intended mood and intensity. First of all, go through the script and scan music-free version. This enables you to have the sense of the message you want to deliver. Since testimonials are the expression of human emotion and realistic views, you have to become a storyteller.

# Inspired

Inspired tune helps to set the convincing tone in the storytelling process.

For instance, this Cinematic Piano tune is accompanied by a live string and analog electronics. A tender, hopeful and intimate tracks draw the listener to space. This will help recreate inspiring tunes.

# Excited

There comes a moment when your innovative brand or service is moving forward and this kind of video deserves some kind of buzzing sound. Maybe a quick tempo that focuses on progress and headlong thinking. For example, here is a track from Rugged Drive & Innovation. This playlist is a mix of clean electronic beats, pumpy kicks, exciting risers and can give a sense of cool driving motivation.

# Relaxed

A customer speaking is there telling how your brand helps them solve their issues. So, testimonial music should give some sense of a relaxed tone. Remember that the light-hearted music represents a realistic and approachable view.

Here is relaxed ambient from Arcadia. This has smooth synth melodies, serene and inspirational and would be perfect for chill-out backgrounds, heavenly holidays, and wellness topics.

Mechanics & structure together

After you narrow down your choice to the right mood and the right genre, you can look for the songs. Since buying a license can be frustrating, I suggest you go for affordable and premiere paid music libraries.

For instance, BAM Music has musical supervisors who will help you with several musical and technical factors. But to be honest, music libraries have the best filter and search that you can choose the right music on your own.

“Do not let the music overshadow your content”

The whole ideas of the music are to complement your testimonial script and video, not to overshadow it. So, do not use a complex dynamic song that can be detracting from listeners. Likewise, avoid sudden intensity and instrumental changes. That might not be accord to speaker voiceover.

Rock and pop tunes are not a great choice either. Unlike music videos, these marketing videos have to match the flow of the story. Moreover, you do not have whole 4 minutes to talk about your brand. So, use the given time effectively.

Also, mix sounds and instruments should not compete with vocals. Therefore, avoid tracks that have vocals or narration. Avoid anything that covers frequency range and invest in a high-quality sound.

Power of Music

Video is one of the most powerful tools that help to enrich your leads. Articulating brand value is challenging and choosing the right music with the right target will help you achieve so. Also, choose the right music for your marketing videos.