Since the video has become the most preferred format of Internet users, marketers are left no behind in creating marketing videos. People consume more videos and expect more quality videos than ever. Here are some tips on how to choose the best music for your marketing videos.

Why is music important to advertising videos?

The major role of video music is to enhance the video’s effect and how viewers perceive them. People may forget the ad, but they would not forget the catchy tunes. That’s why some lifetime ads last even after decades they were made. Music helps to create an image of your identity.

Here is the example of a Dove ad with a strong message. The company’s #ChooseBeautiful campaign connects users with captivating music.

Example illustration

If you are promoting a legacy classic company, you ought to use a classical piece or simple piano voice. This helps to establish brands class.

If you are a young and cool startup with an innovative idea and smart processes, you can use indie-pop tracks in your marketing videos. For instance, these 6 tracks I linked have progressive and attractive instrumental music. It’s captivating, inspiring with airy atmospheres leaving your video music with musical colors and modern beats.

Where to find video music?

You can always find the music on YouTube, but you would not have a wide variety of choices and there are infringement chances. So, worth investing in paid music libraries that provides super easy licensing. Find more about the Music License Companies. You will find relevant music faster with the help of search.

What to keep in an account before choosing music?

Instead of spending long hours finding the right track, you have to keep a few things into consideration.

  • What is the company’s brand?
  • Who is your target persona?
  • Mood and tone of the video

Now, here is the process explained for you one by one:

  1. Define mood according to video goal: Having a clear idea of your video goal helps to clearly define your marketing message. Then, you should set the tune, like how do you want your viewers to feel since ads are a way to connect with your audience. Make sure whether you want your audience to feel relaxed, encouraged, elegant or give happy summer vibes. For instance, this track belongs to the elegant mood, and would best fit ads of perfume or elegant brands.
  2. Choose the right genre: Keep in mind that music should not dominate the video. So, you have to choose genres according to the marketing video theme. You can find more about genres in our music vocabulary. You might like to use country music or maybe a rock-and-roll. Video music depends on your style.
  3. Be careful while choosing lyrics with voiceover: Choose the lyrics which complements the brand and theme. Lyrics in the songs should not be distracting. So, if you have lyric scripts, make sure you do it right.

Finding music for marketing video does not always have to be expensive and time consuming. Just focus on your marketing goals. Think of the large vision, things you want to integrate, and message you want to deliver. And there you go! Make your awesome marketing video more awesome with a video music.