Music licensing is getting an increasing amount of attention these days. It is proving more and more crucial to obtain a license, particularly when posting content to common platform such as YouTube. Why should you use one and why music licenses on YouTube are crucial? We’ll explain why and how to do it. Here’s how to manage your music license with YouTube!

Why do I need to get a music license?

In recent years, this company, along with other online video platforms have tightened up their policies around copyright infringement. This includes adding more performant algorithms, tougher restrictions and greater sanctions against rights infringement. YouTube’s Content ID now immediately identifies the use of a third party’s audio property. And the consequences for YouTubers ranges from a demonetization of the channel to a straight shutdown. We already talked briefly about how the system works here. YouTube has made their commitment to respect owners’ rights pretty clear. Using music for a video without the permission of its author is not an option. Thus, every online creator who wants to build a following using YouTube should be interested in obtaining music licenses for their video.

Which license do I need for a YouTube video?

Choosing the right license for a YouTube video can be tricky. What are your aims and how big is your audience? That’s the questions you should ask yourself before getting a music license. Standard licenses that you find on all online libraries are the most economical. They allow you to use a track or sound in your content and also allow to post it on a video platform. But be careful with this type of standard license, however, the amount of views and revenue you can make from your work are often both limited. This means that it may be difficult for you to earn money from the monetization of your video or from ad targeting with companies such as Google AdSense, for example.

In order to use a track or a sound from a music library with commercial purposes on YouTube, a commercial or professional license with broader permissions and more flexible conditions is the better route. Once again, pay attention to the terms of the license you choose, as pricing can vary depending on the number of subscribers of your channel, the amount of views you get, the type of audience, and the length of use, among other terms specified in the license. If you aren’t sure which license is best for your content, you should always reach out to the company supplying the license for assistance. They will be happy to walk you through your options and answer any questions!

Copyright claims – what to do if you get one?

You purchased a music license, synced the sound to your video, and then posted it on YouTube. You’re thrilled to show the world your content, totally in accordance with the law. But you are soon horrified to find out that YouTube has filed a copyright claim on your video. “That can’t be, since I’ve purchased the license!”. Right, so take a deep breath. In most cases, receiving a claim is the way in which YouTube verifies your authorization to use the track or sound from the source you purchased the license from. While not the most efficient confirmation process, that’s how it works unfortunately.

What happens then? You have a couple options: 1) send the music library or source a link to your video and proof of your license to dispute the claim; or 2) use a monetization code for YouTube. For some licensing companies, this process is automated, and they will clear the claim automatically. Regardless, we suggest contacting the licenser immediately to inform them of the situation. They will be able provide more insight on how to manage your music license with YouTube.

How the BAM Music license system works

BAM Music is a new innovative music library that offers more than 30 000 tracks to creators from all backgrounds. The music licensing system is designed to be user-friendly, quick and safe. 4 types of licenses are available: The Starter, the Social Media Plus+, the Online Ad National and the Online Ad Global. Visit the Licensing page for more information on each, or go ahead and register here to start downloading and licensing. You can contact the BAM USA Team anytime with questions. Now go create some awesome YouTube content!

You can start to browse and download music by registering for free here. Now that you know how to manage your music license with YouTube, your success on that platform is only waiting for you!