Whether you are a seasoned podcaster or it’s your first time, how to select great podcast music would be a great concern. If you can’t rest until you make your stories heard, then this article is for you. Give yourself the freedom to choose, because your Podcast is worth the great music.

However, there is no pre-defined rule that your podcast should have music. There are plenty of cool podcasts without music. But you cannot deny that having music sets up tone to your theme and also make you stand out in the pool of podcasting.

What kind of music can I use?

The first and foremost thing to be kept in the consideration while choosing podcast music is “Can I use every kind of music?”. You should find suitable music that is legal. Here are three music categories that you can use for your podcast.

1) Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free Music is one of the types of music licenses that allows you to pay music license “ONLY ONCE” and you can use it as long as you want.  It means you are buying the Licenses for a certain period of time. Some of the providers even give you a lifetime license. But it does not necessarily mean that you need to go back to your podcast and remove your sound. It is your asset.

2) Public Domain Music

Another way to select the podcast music is using Public Domain Music . It contains music which is not protected by copyright. So, this mean it can be used freely without the author’s permission.  After the demise of the copyright holder or the artist, music goes out of the copyright and goes in the public domain.

3) Creative Common Music

Creative Common Music is the one that is protected by free license. Here, the author himself/herself maintain various limitation for the distribution, reproduction, and copy of the music. Here, if you are using Creative Common Music for your podcast, you need to mention, termed as ATTRIBUTING in the description section of the video, which means you are giving them credit.

# Free Podcast Music?

There is always a possibility to get free podcast music. So, if you are a beginner podcaster, you can go for it. Just be aware that it would have been used by many other podcasts. Additionally, there are other terms related to it. So, before jumping into any platform, you need to be familiar with terms and carefully choose music for your content.

  • You can go to Incompetech for the free library. But, do not forget to give credits and you can still buy standard tracks.
  • Also, look one in YouTube Audio Library.

# Why not filming in your own space?

Creation is limitless. So, why not trying to film in your own space! Trust me it’s fun. Set the correct tones. For instance, it can be that pouring coffee beans, or the waterfall droplets, chirping sound of birds in the morning. Give it a try!

# Choose for tailor-made music tracks

A professional musician or producer can make custom podcast music tracks with uniqueness. This would be great for your content. But it would be costly! But go for it if you have allocated budget for it. 

# Music Library : Unique & legally covered music store

Anything free is great , right? But, using a free music always comes with big threats. So, Music Libraries are introduced to legally cover you. There are many options for paid podcast music stores. Here are some reasons to choose music library for your podcast music:

  • Variety of choices: Unlike free resources , you will have variety of music to choose according to genres and different specifications in the trusted music library. Additionally, the pool of music is both qualitative and quantitative.
  • Exclusive music: The beauty of music library is that you have the perfect and original fit for your podcast music.
  • Legally safe: The greatest advantage underlying here is your peace of mind. Idea of being legally covered, without any risk of infringement notice keeps you relaxed and gives better shape to your podcast in long run.

To conclude, it is best suggested to focus on a great podcast introduction. Since choosing podcast music can be the longest and challenging process. So, draft a better launching strategy.

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Give enough time to choose the most suitable podcast music. Start from the free resources as an amateur podcaster. Once you start, go for clean and professional tracks. With a large catalog of music tracks and also sound effects, something that sets the tone for your podcast and suits the mood. Focus on the track’s quality and Listen to the creators. The process to pick up the best podcast music can be a bit tiring at the beginning. But with a few hacks and choice of better, I know you can nail it!

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