Getting huge attention on YouTube is an interesting question that everybody would like to hear an answer to. Unfortunately, life isn’t that simple. There’s no magic formula for success on YouTube. However, there are renowned parameters that have a real impact on how well you’ll do on that platform. Tags are one of those parameters. You want to know how YouTube tags increase your views and audience? Yes, you have found the right article.

What are YouTube tags ?

YouTube tags are type of metadata in the form of keywords that help search engine to classify items . They are used by audience to ease their browsing and searching. In our case, it helps YouTube identify what your content is about. With relevant hashtags, YouTube might put your video on the recommended page of other users.

Google’s algorithm can’t see video or any content itself and only based on tags. More specifically , it uses tags to understand what a video is about and optimize its position on the research pages. The aim of the algorithm is to provide people with the content that matches most of their expectation. But, YouTube tags are directly used by users when they browse videos by clicking on a specific tag.

How to find the best tags ?

Well, I’d say that you’re in the best position to know which tags to use. You’re the one that created that video. Try to think about the most relevant tags that would boost the ranking of your video. Finding tags is actually a pretty intuitive process.

But there are tools you can use if you don’t find the inspiration. First of all, the YouTube autocomplete search. Type in a first world, and you’ll see about 13 suggestions. They are the most relevant keywords linked to that first term according to YouTube. So, don’t hesitate to take your inspiration from there. On the YouTube Analytics section, you’ll be able to see what keywords people typed in to find your video. That is a very interesting tool given to all YouTubers. You can find it in the “Range” section of Analytics. Keyword Planner can also be an interesting alternative. It’s a feature you find on Google Ads. It gives you information on how well different keywords perform in the search results. Finally, you can try online keyword generators such as Keyword tool or VidIQ.

What hashtags should I put ?

Popular hashtags are mostly used in general. But, paradoxically they are not the elements that will help you boost your content. Since they’re popular, it will be harder for your content to get a good rank with those hashtags. The idea is to use specific hashtags targeting a certain niche that will make you go up on the ranking of precise research.

A common mistake is to put as many tags as possible thinking that casting a wide net can only be favorable. That’s actually not the case since if you use tags that are not relevant to your video , then people might be driven to a content that doesn’t match what they want. That way, your watch time rate might decrease which is obviously not a desirable outcome. In the worst case, your video can even be perceived as a spam and be flagged. As YouTube says, misleading or unrelated content can result in the removal of the video.

How to add tags to your video ?

You can put tags directly in the description box of your video. The first three will appear above the video title. You can also use location hashtag which can also be interesting. And of course, in the Tags section of the Video details that you find in YouTube Studio.

The limit of hashtags

YouTube tags are good tool to get your video the attention it deserves. But yes, SKY is the limit. Tags are based on the data. A keyword can be used a lot, but what really lies behind it? Before adding a hashtag, try to make a qualitative analysis of the result you get when browsing YouTube with that hashtags. That hashtag might be popular, but is it in line with the kind of content you produce? What kind of videos are attached to that tag? Is it what you want your video to be associated with? Sometimes check what result YouTube gives to a certain hashtag, you might be surprised.

Adding to much tags can also be confusing for the algorithm that won’t be able to identify precisely what your video is about. That can affect your ranking. You can technically use up to 500 characters on the tags section of your YouTube video. But the recommended average is 120 characters. Thus, try to limit yourself to a reasonable number of tags, between 6 to 10. If you put more than 15 hashtags, all tags will be ignored by the algorithm. Putting too many tags can even lead to the removal of a video from search or from the platform.

Thus, I hope that you’ve understand the importance of YouTube tags and how they can increase your views and audience on YouTube. They are the key elements you need to master if you want to get a chance to succeed on that platform. I hope to see you soon!

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