Finding great tracks to add on video can be a real struggle for the online creators. You might have probably heard about copyright free music. Copyright free music library can indeed be a very useful source of sounds to use for your visual production. If you attempt to grow on YouTube or any media, idea to use copyright free music is a must-have!

What is copyright free music?

Copyright free music is not easy to define. We’ve already talked about that subject on a previous article that you can read here. Now, we’re just going to sum up briefly what lies behind this term. Roughly speaking, free copyright music is a piece of work that falls under a public domain category, or the one that exists under a free license. To make it simple, let’s say that it’s a type of music that you can use pretty freely.

Where to find it ?

Some platforms or organizations are specialized in offering the copyright free music. Creative Commons and YouTube Audio Library are two renowned players in that domain. Creative Commons sites and YouTube Audio Library allow you to browse among a variety of songs that can be used in your online content. But don’t trust videos on YouTube that claims that they offer copyright free music. That’s often not the case!

How to choose the right one ?

The risk in choosing music from a free music library is to use unoriginal and over-used music. If you want to stand out on YouTube and build your own identity, be careful with copyright free music that everybody uses. Think about to those lighthearted song, with ukulele, bells and claps. We hear them everywhere, but they’re not the right solution for creating unique content. Be sure to find the song that perfectly suits to your content while maintaining the originality.

You can dig into public domain music, but it is restricting in terms of genre (mostly classical) and you’ll face the problem of the recording of the music, regardless of the composition itself. Even if the composition is public domain, the recording is not.

Looking into Creative Commons sounds can be a good alternative. You’ll found diverse tracks and genres. But the quality can be lower than that of a professional and commercial music library, though. Don’t forget that there are conditions if you want to use such music. You will always have to properly credit the author. Moreover, some licenses don’t allow you to modify the original work.

Can I use it on YouTube?

Talking about Creative Commons sounds, you should ask yourself “how will you use the music under free license on YouTube? “. Some Creative Commons licenses don’t allow you to earn revenues from your content (those licenses are namely BY-NC, BY-NC-SA; BY-NC-ND). If you plan to make money from your creation, you should either get a free license that allows it or pay for a traditional music license or a royalty free license.


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