Copyright claims can be a real bummer for any creator that upload content on video sharing platforms or social media. To avoid such problem, purchasing a music license from an online music library is the go-to solution. In this article, we will explain how to avoid copyright claims by licensing music from BAM Music.

Why you need a music license?

If you’re a filmmaker or content creator, you maybe looking for music to enhance your work. But in the same time, you know that you can’t use any music however you want. The law protects artists and their rights so that you can’t use their work without their permission. To use a song in your creation you basically have to own the composition’s rights, the master’s rights, and the performance’s rights. If you composed and recorded the song yourself, that’s fine because you’re the owner of the creation by default. But in most cases, and especially if you’re reading this article, people are looking for others’ music to use in their project. And in that case, you need to purchase a music license.

How licensing works at BAM Music?

To get the right to legally use music in your video, you need to purchase a music license. That’s as simple as that. At BAM Music, you can purchase a license for a specific track and a type use. You can either go for the Starter License, the Social Media + License, the Online Ad – National License and the Online Ad – Global License. If you get such license, you’ll be able to use the song you choose from the BAM catalogue according to the terms of the license.

What happens if my video still gets claimed?

BAM Music works closely with indie labels and artists and encourages artists by giving a fair value. To make sure that their work is respected, using music identification services such as Content ID is a necessity. And you need to know that Content ID is an algorithm that cannot make the difference between a video use a music with or without a license, at least by itself. Content ID only scans YouTube videos’ sound and analyze if it includes a BAM content. If it does, then the video might get flagged. And that’s why there is a possibility that you might receive a copyright claim even though you purchased a license.

But don’t worry! BAM staff will take care of everything. BAM Music believes in the importance of customer service. To get your YouTube channel and video whitelisted you can directly ask BAM’s team. They’re there to help you and resolve your issue as quickly as possible. Be sure to send them the reference of the video in question, the proof of purchase of your license and they’ll take care the rest.

I hope that you’ve now understood how to avoid copyright claims by licensing music from BAM Music. And remember, by doing so, you’re not only getting a professional quality sound to enhance your story, but you’re also contributing to support indie labels and creative artist worldwide.