Audio can kill a video or set it for success. For vloggers, audio makes around 50% of your video. Therefore, having music in vlogs is REALLY important. Music is what makes your normal video look interesting. Let’s see the top 5 ways to find music for vloggers.

Who are Vloggers exactly?

‘In the beginning, there was blogging. Then came vlogging or video-blogging. And now these online video diaries are spawning the broadcasting stars of the future …’


Vloggers are one who creates and upload a video blog where they film themselves instead of writing. Even YouTube channels can be considered as vlogs. Vloggers speak directly to a camera and share his/her daily life or a specific topic.

For vloggers, chasing different track, maybe from hip-hop to rock, or Indie to emotive pop will change the audience’s view and engagement with your vlogs. Let’s find out how to find a modern song without being busted because the contentID of YouTube prevents you from using copyright music and makes it difficult to find the right one for your vlog. This may have various consequences like your YouTube monetization being disabled, video blocked, or even banned YouTube account in the worst cases.

#1 YouTube Audio Library

It’s a place where YouTube has handpicked songs. The YouTube library is easy to search by mood, genre, and instruments. It also allows for monetization. But, to be honest the selection isn’t that great. However, this might not be the best place if you want to excel in your vlogs. As a newbie vlogger, it is always a good option to start your vlogging journey. Want to explore more? Go through how to select a YouTube Audio Library.

#2 Search on YouTube

Just go to the “Toolbar” and type copyright free music. Be specific and broad to search. For example, search for Royalty-free chill out music. However, I can guarantee neither quality nor quantity on YouTube since there are lots of lyrics and sometimes you only get loud electronic music. It might fit some videos but depends on what type of content you are producing. But, do not underestimate the power of search.

#3 SoundCloud Search

So, if you are looking for a wider variety of options and unique music, SoundCloud might be your best option. You simply have to search for artists or genre and filter results according to your requirement. If you find a song and the license mentions “All Right Reserved”, then try reaching to the artist to ask permission. There are cases that artists ignore or forget the licensing part while music uploads. So, better to take a chance.

Luckily, if you find the best fit in the SoundCloud without credit, I still recommend giving credit in your video description because after all, we all are creating and helping each other in the inventor’s universe.

#4 Ask the artist

As I explained before, you should always try to engage and make connections. Like, comment, and give a shoutout for the artist in your vlog. They are also small creators looking for an exposure. So, why not helping each other. There is a chance that you might get other tracks in the future.

Is your vlog content in a safe hand?

Finding free music for vloggers might be okay. But there are consequences you have to deal with if you are not aware of licensing and legal terms and conditions. Sometimes, people mark something as free to use but get hit by copyright claims. So, it’s quite tricky in SoundCloud. Spending hours to find the specific track for your vlog can be incredibly frustrating. You don’t deserve to be flagged after all your effort. Therefore, to solidify your content and increase its reach globally, you can move towards the Stock Music Library.

#5 Stock Music Library

The modern name for safe and licensed music is “Stock Music Library”. With the advent of the Internet age and the rise of content creators, music libraries are blooming as it creates opportunities to sell music and music libraries to manage licenses. Music Libraries offer exclusive original music and bridge the gap between creators and producers. Moreover, you should not fret your eyelids on the legal issues as they have an easy online license procedure. As a vlogger finding music, you have to browse the music you want. Then, you can find the categories and also search through different moods, genres, and the curated playlist.

Some libraries give you free registration and download so that you can know if it’s the best fit for your vlog. For instance, if you are a Travel Vlogger, you can use Mojave Playlist from BAM Music. In this playlist, you can find different inspirations from California soft rock. With panoramic, sunny, and warm sounds, this optimistic nostalgic track will power your Travelblog. Likewise, music help to create a sheer connection with your viewers. Look at criteria before selecting a Music Library.

But once again, be careful before choosing a license. If some stock music library claims that you can buy music from $5, it’s a loop. You have to pay the amount according to the license type and quality comes out of a process.

BAM Music is an emerging player in the royalty-free music library market. With a diversified community of artist indie labels around the world, it has + 30,000 tracks and 100+ fresh tracks created every weekly. Their curated playlist can be a good place to start. The only downside is you need to pay to the license site. But, why not if your vlog is worth the investment. Find different people, help each other out because, at the end of a day, you all are creators. Last, but not the least, it’s your personal choice on how much to invest. #Happyvlogging aspiring vloggers!