The realm of the video editing world is huge. You are certainly editing a ton of videos if you are a Youtuber. Here are 10 video editing hacks that help you to make videos faster and gain more audience. Let’s uncover them!

Hack 1: Become a storyteller

Video editors are not just editors. Moreover, they are a storyteller. Since it’s the way to tell stories visually through clips, you pave the way to influence your audience out there. The better communicator of the emotions you are, the better you become a video editor. Here is a bold and anthemic rock tune that brings enthusiasm to your storytelling. It’s about cutting more stuff than adding stuff. So, weave a beautiful video story.

Hack 2: Choose the right editing software

Video editing software can either make or break your video. Some editing software does not have features and functionalities that you are exactly looking for. If its short videos, instructional video, then using iMovie, Power Director, and free software works well.

If you are a beginner in video editing, then get started with Adobe Premiere. Here are some essential effects in Premiere Pro. But be careful before choosing the video editing platform. Do the research and find what best fits you in the long run.

Hack 3: Organize the media

Not finding the particular clip or media can be frustrating and organizing files can be your only ideal solution. I recommend you keep your video files in chronological order according to the date of the clips.

Hack 4:  Get used to with the shortcuts

Knowing shortcut keys makes a drastic change in the editing speed of video editors’ work. There are way too many shortcut keys. However, I recommend you to map all shortcut keys to one half of a keyboard so that your left hand will stay in the same location, and with the right hand in the mouse. It can be quite difficult in the beginning. But trust me this will help you become quick effortlessly. 

Hack 5: Add music

Appropriate music in your content will drastically change the quality of your work. This automatically helps in setting the mood and tone of the content. But, be aware of the usage and authority of music usage. Make sure you understand what is copyright free music and how to use them.

If you are looking for an easy way to get unique music, then find out the music libraries. They are a life savior as they have a wide music catalog. You can find them easily with a simple search and you are covered by the license.

Hack 6: Use sound designs for shaping moments

The sound is an integral part of the video that can be even done through the help of sound designs. Moreover, it is a creative way to become a composer in your video editing. Likewise, you can get control of the tone and the mood of the video. Don’t be afraid to try sound designing elements like metallic groans and drones. This will enhance the scenic atmosphere helping guide the audience’s emotions.

Hack 7: Synch your music attentively

Now, since you have known the importance of music and sound elements, you should also see the synch between your audio and video. It will take no longer for viewers to know about audio and video mismatch. Sometimes there can be music with sharp attacks and if they synch with the particular sober video, this can lose focus of the audience. 

Hack 8:  Never overuse effects

With various interesting transitions and effects on a video editing software, sometimes you may be tempted to play. But, lots of effects can be disturbing sometimes and distract viewers from what you are portraying. Always remember that less is more.  

Hack 9: Give enough time to your audience

The attention span of the human mind has declined from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. So, try engaging your audience in different interesting ways. You can give some funny punch lines and after that, allow some pause to let your audience laugh. There should be plenty of time to retrieve composure. So, think of the important moments and set a mood to regain momentum.

Hack 10:  Make a rough cut of the entire video 

For maintaining an efficient workflow, create a primary rough cut of the whole video. Go through each clip and make sure what to do and what not to. Then, you can put them into the sequential order. The rough cut gives you a basic understanding of how the video plays and animate the scene order. This allows you to go to the timeline and make particular edits.

Regardless of your video editing skills, there are always uncovered tips that will swift your workflow because we tend to miss details while working. It’s your asset. So, make the best of it. Hope these 10 Video Editing hacks become the foundation of your work.

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