The decreasing human attention span exhibits that your audience need a better reason to watch your content. The facial expression, vocal tonality, and body language with the right music are key receipes to augment your video. Thus, music plays a vital role to vibe with your viewers and effectively communicate about your brand. Since explainer videos are interesting ways of short-form video for sales and marketing, let me share some insights on how to choose the best music for explainer videos.

The key component of an explainer video

  1. Storyboard
  2. Script
  3. Sound effects
  4. Background music
  5. Voiceover
  6. Animation

Genres perfect for explainer videos

If the video goes wrong, we cannot blame everything on the script. Sometimes, it’s the wrong genres that make explainer video sound uninteresting. Here are reviews of some genres that help you enhance your script.

# Jazz

You may think jazz is a kind of weird choice for these types of videos. Indeed, electric genres work well on short videos like advertisements, specially where you need to grab viewers’ attention in the short period of time. If it’s a slow-paced video, a discrete bassline or a solo trumpet would be fine.

Here is a Spotify promo from 2016. Spotify has banged with big loud jazz. This announcement was huge. Though it does not have a lot of explanation, the texts appearing on the screen seem to be in perfect harmony. This drove more interest to users in Spotify.

So, see, Jazz can be an interesting option too. Want some melodic stories through Solo bass? Check this Bass Sonatas!

# Indie Pop

Indie pop and Indie rock are the best acquaintances. The handclaps, soaring choruses’ ads beauty in the marketing videos. Hence, if you are looking forward to give some uplifting vibe, you better choose indie pop.

Pininterest has beautifully illustrated the message of Pinterest’s importance. It’s visibly amazing and the nice tempo in the background keeps you engaged. Also, keep in mind that the video is short, so you should keep the pace of the music.

Heavy variation guitar would work best for the explainer videos. This helps to keep your video less corporate and feels like learning in a meadow outside the classroom. This sunny pop from BAM Box has 5 versions and gives the feel good, with uplifting acoustic pop.


Software companies need good explainer videos as the software is tangible. Therefore, people need to understand what your software does and work. In addition, lots of music genres might work for SAAS videos.

This is an explainer video beautifully crafted and the animation is commendable. You can hear playful and inspiring music elements.

Fashion explainer videos go best with electronic pop music.

Similarly, use minimal pop for high tech videos.

Organic and vegan videos go good with guitar pop.

Keep neutral and low-key music in the background for making corporate videos.

Does it violate copyright?

Finally, you did a great research, thought about emotions and chose the best-suited tracks. But, do you think that would be enough? Indeed, be careful about copyright-free music since music licensing a crucial issue. In fact, there are online music libraries that would give you what you exactly want and make sure you are legally covered. In particular, try working with trusted libraries.