Music is a key factor in any video content. The right music at the right time helps to level up your content. Now the question is where to find the music for video? We have talked a lot in our previous blog series about selecting music for video. So, if you are searching for secured and creative music to fit in your upcoming video, let’s see how to buy music for video?

Where to buy music for video?

What you need for your video is copyright free music or royalty-free music . These are the topics talked about a lot, but rarely understood. There are many wrong information circulating about copyright terms. To be honest, you will rarely find music that is not copyright and comes free. There are few free music resources like YouTube Audio Library. But you will find many reasons not to use free music for video. To stand out from the crowd, you have to find the premium music. Synch Licensing Companies can be one of your wise solutions. For instance, BAM Music has been providing that rare and creative music for any of the audio-visual projects that you do not find normally in other music resources.

Trending music at BAM Library
Music libraries will have music that you want to buy for your audiovisual project.

First of the first : Features of a music library

To help you not get entangled in the web of complex licensing and criteria, where are the major 3 features of the library that you need to look at before buying video music.

  • Premium Catalog: Is their music best of the best? Do they have a wide variety of catalogs with diversified music?
  • Licenses: Do they have easy and clear licenses?
  • Best value at the price rate: Is the price worth what you pay? Remember music doesn’t have always to be cheap. It should be worth the investment.
  • Musical expertise & craft: Is the team backed by music supervisors for further assistance.

How to buy music for video?

Since the whole idea of an online music library is giving you an easy licensing procedure, it is easy to purchase music for video. Here is an example of a BAM process where you just need 3 minutes to buy music and yes, you will be securely licensed.

  1. Browse or search music according to the genre, moods on the website.
  2. You can register for free and have free trails for 10 songs.
  3. Choose the track you want and add it to the cart.
  4. You will then get the choice to choose your license type and securely pay online.

BAM Music provides 4 types of licenses. Personal productions and online businesses can opt for a starter license. There is a social media license for social media productions. However, big firms and commercial productions can go for Online Ad National and Global.

Wrap Up

Thanks to synch libraries that have made music easy to buy and sell. BAM will help you find the right track for your production and in the meantime, you can power your content. That’s it and your music is just a few clicks away. Refer to our FAQ if you have any confusion.