Being a creator is challenging right? You got to be best and you need great videos for your video production. One day, you have 12000 views in your new YouTube video and the next day YouTube flagged the video just because you had copyright music in the background. DO NOT BELIEVE “if there is free music”, DO NOT USE “Copyright music”. It’s harsh, but sometimes you will get a copyright strike without any warning. Sometimes its unawareness and sometimes you are deceived. Let me assist you to save your Channel. Here are 5 reasons not to use free music for video.

#Reason 1: Your content will be deleted

Your input will go all in vain once your video will get deleted. Facebook and YouTube have advanced content ID system for deleting commercial music in videos. Yes, they will block your content before it got to see daylight. Even though you have the authorization for using popular songs, social media doesn’t give a second thought to block your content. Indeed, you need to prove your rights for featuring the song. But the process is a nightmare.

Here is the worst-case scenario. In some cases, it’s not only your content that gets flagged, your entire YouTube Channel might get deleted, with chances of suspension of your monetization privilege.

#Reason 2: You will be stuck with bad quality music

YouTube is a popular source of free music for video. But have you scrolled through YouTube free music library? They are mostly stock music. Though I would not say that all the free tracks in the YouTube library are of poor quality, the number of quality music is countable. The production quality and recording can be a great disappointment. REMEMBER, poor music will detract your audience and can leave a bad impression on your content.

#Reason 3: You will get outdated songs & blend in crowd

There is no doubt that free music has old tracks. Likewise, you would have a rare chance of getting cool tracks. It is obvious that trending tracks in your video will help to make your content more engaging and relevant. Unfortunately, free music libraries do not have popular songs and you will be obliged to compromise your artwork.

When your whole theme is to entertain people with creative unique content, using free music would do you no good. Yes, if you use music for video, your audience will notice that “this sound is so familiar”. This is not a good sign!

# Reason 4: Limits the ability of relevant filter searches

Free music libraries have decent searches. However, as a competitive creator, decent is never enough. Unlike online music licensing companies, here you cannot find the exact genre and filter. Feeding a free pop beat in your ASMR video would probably not help! Moreover, searching in the free music repositories takes a lot of time and effort as they do not have intuitive search. You should spend that time in creating content rather than engulfing in the irrelevant search.

#Reason 5 : Chances of getting sued

Using free music for video is even riskier if the music label or artist with song right find out if you have been using their tracks without any authorization. This invites to two possibilities. First, if you are lucky and the authorized person is friendly, they might send you a cease letter delineating the after-math’s if you don’t take out the video. But, if they are not friendly, they will sue you directly.

Though going court for this type of copyright infringement is rare, you would have to deal with lots of complicated processes. Learn more from what is copyright free music and how to use them.

What’s the fix?

What I explained above are just the common visible risks that you have to bear by using free music for video. Sometimes, it’s better to pay if you aim for a greater value. Hiring a composer is practically impossible if you are a self-made creator. So, the wise and the rapid solution is buying music from online music libraries. Different Indie music libraries have the best work from the creative artist and moreover, your content will be in safe hands.

BAM Music has been working with indie labels and independent artists to create fresh and creative music. Here are also criteria that will help you choose the music library that best suits your content requirement. Hopefully, 5 reasons not to use free music for video makes you more alert and encourage you to focus on better post production of your video.