Instagram stories is fun and a fantastic way to connect with your audience. Creating a professional Instagram stories can be effortless than you imagine. So much Instagram goodness happen in stories if you follow certain tips. Today, I brought to you some fun facts with tips on how to create dynamic Instagram Stories.

Facts to know

  • Approximately 500 million people use Instagram Stories everyday.
  • Agencies reported that people engage 2 to 3 times more with Instagram stories rather than a regular content.

Instagram is updating and adding new features every now and then. So, make sure you keep eye on app updates.

IG Story example from Prada

Here is an example of luxury brand Prada giving a mysterious air.

Sometimes, you don’t have to spill everything in a story. If there is information gap, viewers seem to engage more. Here a girl stares and run across a bridge. This gif shows the letter Perhaps Romance Always Desires Another. Make people curious for your product.

3 I’s of Instagram

There are no rules for a creativity to spurn. However, Instagram Stories should be something worthy to show. So, keep this 3 I in your mind.

  1. Interesting: Instagram Stories are short lived. It dies after 24 hours. So, make them interesting. Your audience would not like 10-15second of crap.
  2. Inviting: You should be always welcoming and inviting.
  3. Impactful: The whole idea of stories is making others heard and creating iMpacts. Initiate thought-provoking conversation. Running a poll will be totally worthy too.

Some helpful apps for the dynamic content

# 1 Adobe Spark Post for creating Text Graphic

Levelling up the design is easier with Adobe Spark Post. There are more than 1000 designed templates to modify your content. They also have added features like colors, layout, animation and resizing elements. Their text animations are super cool and create motion graphic videos.

#2 Ad Animation through Mojo

Since animation is new trends, you can spice up your stories with animation. Mojo is an incredible app. You can find many animated and customized templates where you can easily crop, change colors, fonts, add effects, animations and many more! If you want awesome text content or a blog post, animated template form mojos would be a helpful app.

Mojo captions this video for Happy pride, the transition is easy and you can play with texts. Music has taken a story to the next level.

#3 Aesthetics from Canva

Canva app is another simple way to create beautiful IG Stories. You can create your own template choosing creative fonts and layouts. Likewise, there are more than 2000 ready-made templates and you can easily customize them.

It is a perfect platform for those creatives who don’t have graphic designing skills and after you nail the template, you can maintain your feed with aesthetic themes.

#4 Add music to boost your story

Instagram music work well with both photos and videos. You can select music from plenty of music tracks that fit into your genres and story mood. Just play the tap button to hear a preview and finalize the best fit. For instance, if it’s a sunshine photo or colorful palettes, go for happy soundtracks.  

You can also rewind the music to find where does the music exactly fits. You can choose the duration till 15 second and allow lyrics to be shown together with music that are available. Add hashtags, polls, animations, stickers, anything that you think would fit the Instagram music. Then, just tap a “Your Story “button to publish.

What kind of music to choose from?

Instagram library has thousands of music and songs from artists. It’s a Facebook partnership with record labels that makes the feature possible and individual to use music from their favorite artists like Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran or Guns N’Roses.  

Present and Future of brand storytelling

The rise of Instagram Reels, increasing TikTok users indicate the number of people interacting with brands in mobile devices is growing. It’s a format that is easy, gains quick audience and elegantly effortless. Hope these tips help you make sure your Instagram stories pop. Go after the life you want, invest in creating rather than consuming. #HappyInstagraming !