Whether you’re a daily vlogger, an underground rapper, a makeup artist or an Animal Crossing pro-gamer, you clicked on this link for one precise reason: you want to know how to increase your YouTube audience. Putting so much effort to create a video and not seeing your work getting the attention it deserves can be frustrating and discouraging at times, that’s why the following advices are here to help you see clearer through the basic rules to grow on YouTube. The number of views and subscribers basically depends on two things: the YouTube algorithm and viewers. Precisely, what it reads and what they see.

“What it reads”

To beat the YouTube algorithm, think like the YouTube algorithm. But how does it think? YouTube promotes video, recommends content that matches keywords you used in the research bar. That’s why you should be very careful with every text attached to your video.

The title should describe perfectly the content of your video, target a YouTube audience and generate interest. To do so you can directly use the autosuggest search bar from YouTube which gives the most researched terms link with the subject of your video. Try to type in the keyword of your video and see what pops up. You can also use the tool “Google Trend” which gives you an overview of the popularity of a keyword, on internet, but also specifically on YouTube. 

The description bellow your video is also very important: use this space to naturally add more keywords related to your video, and try to engage interaction with your YouTube audience by giving links to your social media for instance. At the end of the description box, put keywords with hashtags, they will appear above your title and help your video getting suggested to a wider audience. While we are talking about hashtags, don’t forget to use the tags feature from the video editor, it will give information to the algorithm and help your video being suggested. Use precise terms that describes your video, as well as more general terms.

“What they see”

Th key to increase your YouTube audience is to know how the viewers think, what catches their attention. That’s why you should particularly work on your thumbnail. The video editor gives you the opportunity to upload custom thumbnail, so use that feature wisely: use a highlight of the video, add a text on the screenshot, be creative, when people see your thumbnail, they should know it’s you… 

And don’t forget that this thumbnail shouldn’t be pleasing by itself, but also in the general context of your channel. Be consistent in your choice of thumbnails. Your channel will look esthetically pleasing and be more identifiable by your YouTube audience.  You should also play with what your audience sees at the end of your video. 
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YouTube allows you to put End Screens at the end. That’s the opportunity to link other videos, playlists and call your viewers to subscribe. You can even add cards during the video to notify viewers about your content.

Those are basic tips to boost your YouTube channel, but don’t forget that gaining popularity on this platform takes time and the key to succeed is to be consistent, to post regularly. And finally, be driven by passion rather than views. A passionate hard work always pays, and that’s what YouTube tries to reward as Robert Kyncl, their Chief Business Officer said: “We are thinking very deeply every single day on how to creates the incentive to do the right thing on YouTube, that means not chasing views for the sake of views.”

I hope you found that article useful and interesting, and that you’ve understood how to increase your YouTube audience! Music also takes an important part in producing better content and thus growing an audience on YouTube. We talked about that subject in previous article that you can find here. I hope you’ll like them as well. See you soon!

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