Twitch is a popular live streaming channel with a growing massive audience in gaming community’s day by day. But many brands seem to avoid Twitch while marketing. If you are a brand looking for a marketing platform, then you need to consider it. So, let’s see how to succeed with your brand strategy on Twitch.

3.8 million streamers are broadcasted on Twitch in February 2020, according to Twitch Tracker“. Huge number, right? So, why should you as a brand left behind when this new streaming sensation has so much to offer.

Why should you market on a gaming site?

Some brands might hesitate why they should make marketing investments in a gaming site. But remember, not everyone is interested in the recurring contents of television or other social media channels. Since Twitch streamers share cool, engaging and fun content, many people seem to drive into it. So, this platform help you to find a niche audience.

  1. Global Market: If you are looking for a worldwide market rather than a limited local audience, Twitch can be one of your wise options. There are more than 622,000 average views on Twitch (number of hours watched) and there are Twitch influencers who can voice out about your brands.
  2. The power of untapped market: Twitch is still not saturated like other ad platforms. So, you can hit the right marketing strategy by creating an impact on the audience in greater frequencies.
  3. Shoutouts from live streamers: Like YouTube, Twitch is live streaming with gamers interacting with their fans in the live sessions. It’s a power of influencer marketing where consumers seem to trust social influencers rather than a message from the traditional advertisement. Here are some examples of inspiring influencer marketing campaigns on Twitch to begin with.

What is the demographic of Twitch users?

According to Mediakix, Twitch’s User Base is largely male. With 81.5% male, around 55% are between 18 to 34 years old. So, how can you make your potential audience bring to you? Since Twitch is all about generation Z, it is easy for those brands whose buying personas to fall under this category.

The Z generation is likely to engage more aggressively and develop a sense of trust with their favorite streamers. So, brands can engage in direct marketing where other marketing tricks might not work. Andrew Pearson, Managing Director of Intelligencia ” an AI software consulting”, talked about their eSport competition organized with the help of Twitch sponsors. The sponsors were found praising about how young strangers can build and reinforce engaged customers.

How to build a brand strategy on Twitch?

First of all, you should become or identify a Twitch partner. This is for those who are looking for dedicated streamers. Because, remember Twitch is not just for gamers, moreover it covers various domains of music, arts, cooking, or anything you can imagine of.

There are run rolls known as pre, mid and post-roll ads. Similarly, streamers can run ads every eight minutes. So, you should approach streamers with large numbers of followers and high views. This increases your brand’s chance to get maximum exposure. There are many brands like EA, KFC, Kellogg’s who have shown their active participation in collaboration with twitch streamers.

What is the Twitch Partner Program?

What is the Twitch Partner Program
Twitch partner program benifits .

Twitch partner program comprises popular broadcasters, influential personalities, tournaments, and teams. The partner’s program is the way through which streamers monetize their streams. Partners can share the revenue and facilitate streaming to their paying subscribers.

Some good Twitch Marketing practices

# Try cool messages through interactive chatbots

Additionally, you can try chatbots that can contain links, explanatory messages. Having a customized Twitch chatbot helps to focus streamers on games and interact with viewers without interruption.

Instead of:

Buy an XYZ shaver today. It’s the best shaver you’ll ever use. Use code #TWStreamer for a 50% off discount.


Only losers shave with a rusty sword. Get an XYZ shaver today and save 50% with code #TWStreamer.

# Play with Twitch Banners

The banners look best if you put down below the stream where sponsor banners work well too. There can be your nice logos and catchy taglines. Become creative as you want. Sometimes, promo codes fit best in “the waiting area of the stream”. Brand logos with promo codes can be an ideal way to attract an audience.

To conclude, the boom of Twitch marketing is growing every day. Your Digital Marketing should not always be monitored on the platforms where all your competitors are on. Try to tap the untapped market and here you go with a great brand strategy on Twitch.