It is our immense pleasure to introduce you to Jennifer June, a rising artist from our BAM Artist Series Label. We will discover about her idols, favorite tracks, guilty-pleasures, and few secrets!

Let’s hear what she has to say in our latest chitchat.

# Hey Jennifer, how would you introduce yourself?

Jennifer began, Hey, I’m Jennifer June! Jennifer (like Aniston) and June (like the month)“.

Her introduction brought a big smile to our faces. Her witty answers are just as sparkling as her creations.

# What was your first encounter with music?

With a nostalgic note, Jenny says Unfortunately nothing glamorous! I think recorder lessons in primary school“.

Though she was not exposed to fancy music lessons during childhood, Jennifer was born to become an artist. Thanks to her great accomplishments, she soon accelerated her career.

# Who or what are your main influences?

Jennifer explains “My main influencers are AMAZING women making AMAZING music. Joni Mitchell, Laura Marling to name a couple…“.

She certainly has great taste. Plus, Jennifer is a woman who wants to chalk down her own path and strongly believes in her ideals.

# There’s no doubt the pandemic has tested every artist’s creativity and source of inspiration. How have you stayed isolated yet connected in order to keep your creative flow?

Pandemic has brought some hassles to creators’ life. Let’s hear what Jennifer has to say about it.

The time has definitely given me a chance to learn more of my favorite songs and listen back to the music that I’ve forgotten about, which is always inspiring and can awaken new ideas.

# Your secret weapon that fuels your creativity when you feel a lack of inspiration?

Well, we wanted to learn some of her secrets. Here is one.

I love going through an old notebook with old ideas and experimenting with them. Sometimes you’ve already written what you wanted to!

We will definitely take notes and try it soon.

# What does the importance of music and image mean to you, as in…why do you feel it’s important?

I think music and image can go hand in hand and complete or inspire each other“.

# Are there any specific examples of exceptional uses of music to picture that stand out to you recently?

I love that so many shows now have music at the forefront, to really capture a time, place or vibe. Stranger Things definitely stands out as one that made you feel like you were in that world “.

Raise your hands if you can hear the signature sound of the 80’s and monsters in Stranger Things. Must say “Great Choice Jenny”.

# If you could choose a song, and all songs ever written are game, which one would you have written and why?

Maybe Dreams by Fleetwood Mac? I’m always happy to hear it…and 2 chords? Perfect“.

# Tell us about a musical accomplishment you are most proud of?

My BAM Artist Series of course… ;)”.

Oh stop it, we’re going to blush… We are more than flattered. Your creations are great.

#Your current guilty pleasure?

Pizza every night. Oh, you meant musically?“.

If only pizza was as healthy as music.

# Your top 3 tracks of the moment?

  • Garden Song – Phoebe Bridger’s
  • Make It Easy – Sylvan Esso
  • Marika Hackman’s cover of I Follow Rivers

# What have you been binge-watching?

The Star Wars fan happily answered “The Mandalorian on Disney+ because Baby Yoda means everything to me“.

# The track of this EP you’re the proudest of and why?

Hero, I love that it’s about anyone having the potential for greatness and to achieve whatever they dream!

It was delightful hearing some great insights from Jennifer. She has recently joined BAM’s ship and her creations are already shining. We wish this talented artist a great beginning to her musical journey.

Check out her new EP available now!