Let’s meet one of our talented artists, Bira. He has just released a fresh new album on Black Label Music and we had a little chat with him to know more about his creative process. Here’s our interview with Bira!

How has moving to Vermont in the Northeast USA from La La Land changed your music and perspective overall?

Overall, I think distancing myself from the LA market physically, helped me to also distance myself from it creatively, which gave me a lot of breathing room to grow as an artist. It’s a move that I understand can be scary for a lot of artists, but I think the benefits of doing so, greatly outweigh the drawbacks. Especially in this age of digital connectivity which really allows people to work from pretty much anywhere. The wave of remote working that came as a result of COVID 19 really brought that concept into the mainstream, but it’s something that has, in some ways, been viable for quite a few years now.

Between which two genres do you find your favorite space? Pop, funk, soul or punk?

I wouldn’t say there’s a specific preference. And I don’t think the styles are all that distant from one another when you get down to it. So the idea of writing the music that connects them together rather than defines them as separate is just where I seem to find myself most often.

Would you say a new genre has been added to your explorative journey with your new release?

I’m not sure. This was really just intended to be an album showcasing the uptempo funky bouncy pop side of the “BIRA” style. I think for a new genre to be defined, a group of material that exhibits specifically related characteristics, or techniques has to be developed, and on a pretty extensive level. Otherwise we’re just talking about style. So maybe there’s a burgeoning new style in there. I guess listeners will have to make up their own minds.

How have you stayed isolated yet connected while self-quarantining in 2020?

Well, isolation suits me pretty well, as it affords me time to work on longer term projects. And being a spouse and parent, I’m never alone, so I don’t get lonely. I feel extremely fortunate for my situation given the tragic circumstances of our time even WITHOUT the pandemic. But the pandemic has prompted an extended hiatus from social media platforms for me, so I look forward to sharing a bunch of what I’ve been working on in the coming months. Starting with this album!

What inspires Bira Bits?

Just the music I write. Bira Bits came about as a way to put my music out in the world in a concise and (hopefully) enjoyable way. I’ve always danced for fun, but usually just out at clubs or parties, so this was a way for me to merge the two forms and make some audio/video content very efficiently. That kind of expanded into making video fliers for the shows I was doing as well, which promoters and venues seemed to appreciate, so that’s a thing now too I guess. It’s all pretty much form following function.

Your performance videos are extremely entertaining and appear to be a critical part of presenting your music. Are you already thinking of what your video and/or dance for the song will look like when writing?

Allowing the music to dictate the flow and narrative of the video is like having a road map on a journey

Thank you! I can work both ways, but in the case of what I put on Instagram, video always comes after the music. Allowing the music to dictate the flow and narrative of the video is like having a road map on a journey, so it makes finding my way visually a lot easier.

Do you choreograph in advance or free flow?

Free flow.

What comes first? Dance or Music? Do you write music to dance to or dance to the music you write?

Music then dance.

If you had to choose one track from this album on Black Label Music and why ?

For me personally, I’d have to say “Each Letter.” I mean, if you want an example of pop-funk-soul-punk, that song pretty much nails it. I love the unorthodox groove and the combination of slick and ragged sonics. And vocally I’m really pleased with the array of styles I was able to fit into the song without getting too all over the place. All those flavors packed into this tight little banger…it’s like a power pill. Pop it in and buckle up.

Listen to Bira’s album over here!

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