Are you a passionate YouTuber?  Do you dream to kickstart off your career by making money through YouTube?  So if you are a Youtuber and the question “How to increase revenues by monetizing my YouTube Channel?”, hits you often,  here you go.

Welcome to one of the largest hosting websites in the world- YouTube. With the rise of YouTubers and mushrooming contents in the YouTube, increasing revenues by monetizing YouTube Channel becomes competitive. But, monetizing a Channel isn’t rocket science though. Before jumping into revenue making ways, let us do a walkthrough about YouTube monetization and its working.

How does YouTube Monetization work?

Companies create ads according to their domains. Also known as pre-roll ads, they are placed at the beginning of your YouTube videos. So, each time the viewer watches an ad, you will earn money.

Enabling monetization on your channel should let you for approval submission. Then, to earn revenue from those ads, you should associate the AdSense account with the YouTube account.

Is your Video Eligible?

A video is only eligible when you have owned worldwide commercial rights to all video contents. For instance, a video that features a song that you do not own the copyright (song purchased from iTunes) will be ineligible.  You can get better insights from copyright free music article.

How are YouTube ads displayed?

Video categorization and metadata categorization is an important factor. You need to make sure that your video titles, age, and descriptions should be readable and SEO friendly. 

Here are the basic steps that you need to follow to increase revenues by monetizing your YouTube Channel.

1. Verify YouTube Account

This the first and the foremost step in making your YouTube monetized. You would not be able to upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes and access many resources until you verify it.

2. Do not forget to join the YouTube Partner Program

You can be eligible for the pre-roll ads once you are in the YouTube partner program. YouTube assures that you are uploading the original content and that are advertising friendly. Make sure if you are adding music on YouTube. You should only aim for copyright- free music though . Using copyright free music includes carefull attention.

3. Find Sponsor for your videos

Once you start to get many people on your channel through views and subscribers, you can find sponsors. Successful YouTubers get paid by promoting other products and services through their videos.

4. Promote and sell your products or services

Why not selling your products when you have a platform all by yourself? You can use your channel to make people hear about you and your products. Also, people can make a great career as an influencer by pitching themselves.

5. Make your audience your priority

Your audience being the most important aspect the monetization process must always be kept into the priority. Solve their problems, give them the best content consistently. 

Make sure you put all your effort to make the most of your YouTube Channel. Great content, A bit of tweak, and there you go.

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