If you’re reading this article, that means you chose to take the great leap into the YouTube world. Having the confidence and the ambition to start a YouTube channel maybe the most challenging, yet interesting step. So , a huge congrats for that ! Now that you really want to get into that, maybe you don’t know where to start. If that’s the case, don’t worry and follow these 10 steps to start a YouTube Channel!

1. Define your content and a strategy

If you had the project to start a YouTube channel, you probably have a passion, skill, or at least a subject of interest that you want to share with the world. A key step in the making of your channel is to define your goals. Do you want to be on YouTube as a hobby? Do you want to really get involved at full-time? Do you plan to make money from it? That’s the question you should ask yourself.

Then define your content and your targeted audience, set some boundaries to the types of video you’re going to upload. Your channel will be relevant if your audience can find the kind of videos they expect.

To get a clearer vision about your project, it might be clever to establish a strategy for the first months of your channel’s launching. Prepare a list of videos, think about their content and the time intervals between them. Thus, you’ll have a clear plan and you’ll know how to organize yourself in respect to the different steps.

2. Plan your budget

Define your needs in term of equipment and resources. For YouTube, you’ll probably need few basic tools: a camera, which can be your smartphone. Nowadays, smartphones camera can be very qualitative and thus can be perfectly fine for your first steps in the YouTube game. If you want to go further on that technical aspect, you can consider purchasing a DSLR camera. Then ,you’ll need a good microphone to record yourself, that’s a fundamental aspect that you should never overlook. A poor audio quality can be really bothering for your audience. So, don’t hesitate to consider purchasing a microphone.

To get a good video stability, you should also think about getting yourself a monopod, gorilla pod or any kind of stabilizer. Video stabilization has a great impact, that often tends to be underestimated. Finally, you’ll have to edit your video. The most popular editing software are Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro (we’ve already talked about that in a previous article). If you’re on Mac OS and can’t invest in an editing software, iMovie is still a decent alternative.

3. Start making your video

Now it’s the big moment: it’s time to create your video. You have the idea and the tools, now give yourself 100% to get the best content possible.

4. Define your identity

One key to success is to play on several parameters so that viewers precisely identify you. Thus, creating your own YouTube identity is essential. That means choosing those differentiation points that will make you stand out among other YouTubers. For your audio identity, you can use a music or sound on each and every of your videos. Or use soundtracks from a same genre and quality. In terms of visual identity, work carefully on your image, the dominant colors that are attached to your identity. You can work on that through color grading of your video or interstingly made thumbnails.

5. Create your channel

Now that you’ve your video ready to be uploaded, you have to create your YouTube channel. That means setting up few things. First of all, add a profile picture. Once again, remember that everything is visual here, that’s why adding a picture is a must. But that’s not all. You should also add a banner image to your channel. That image should fit your visual identity and give straightforward information about what your channel is about. Don’t forget to fill out your channel description in the “About” section of your profile. Introduce yourself shortly to the viewers. And finally, complete your channel trailer on the “Home” section. You can put a video there that new viewers will see when they’ll see the homepage of channel. It’s once again the occasion to give information to your audience about what your content is about.

6. Verify your account

Getting your account verified is an important step. It will allow you to do several things that non-verified account can’t do: upload long videos (more than 15min), live stream, dispute a Content ID copyright claim, and maybe the most important, you’ll be able to customize your thumbnails. Customizing your thumbnails will be very useful for you to create your visual identity and appealing content.

7. Be consistent and upload regularly

Regularly uploading videos on YouTube is a key. If you plan your first months on YouTube, that shouldn’t be a problem. But later on, try to stick to a certain number of videos uploaded each week or month. Being consistent will help you improve yourself meanwhile giving a reliable source of content to your audience.

8. Analyze the data

Analyzing the data will be very important later on your YouTube journey. Through the “Analytics” of the YouTube Studio you’ll be able to find a detailed report of the views of your channel. It will give you statistics and data about your video performance, traffic source, geography, age and gender of your audience. Those insights are helpful to know your audience better, then adapt your content and strategy accordingly.

9. Build a community

The best way to grow organically on YouTube is to build a strong community around your channel. To do so, try to be close with your audience through your videos but also by using networks outside YouTube (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook…). Make sure your audience is aware of your social network presence by adding the link to your accounts in your channel description and in the description box below your videos. Interact with your audience so that they can get involved in your content. As an example, at BAM Music we’re trying to build a community of filmmakers and content creators through our Youtube channel.

10. Never give up

Finally, our last advice in those 10 steps to start a YouTube Channel is to never give up. Something is sure, you won’t get ton of views on your first day. But that’s okay, as we previously said, a key to a YouTube success is to be consistent and upload regularly. So, stick to that commitment and have faith. With hard work and patience, you’re sure to see results soon.

Your canvas is in your hand with necessary tools and tactics. So, its time to play and best wishes for the great contents you are about to create. #HappyYoutubing!