Do you spend more than one week to upload a video?  You have got wonderful audio, great online music. You worked super hard and its time you need to upload it finally. Fingers crossed!!  Well, here are some fun stuff to get my first YouTube Channel 500 views within 48 hours.

Will hope be enough to grab viewers? You never know when will you disappear in the ocean of mushrooming videos when you receive low views within a few hours.

There are plenty of ideas. YouTube opens avenues for your video and gets a higher rank.

A Quick insight to how YouTube Algorithm works

People spend more than 70 % of the time on YouTube based on YouTube’s recommendation.

YouTube has been evolving in its recommendation engine. However, it was immensely criticized by tech theorists as the misinformation engine due to increasing inclination to the portray fake news, conspiracies and disturbing contents to views

Therefore, it focuses now on human moderated changes and demonetizing offending channels or copyright content, like music , audio. But, as of Google Search Engine algorithm, YouTube’s engine is evolving too.

Also known as watch time or retention, the algorithm is determined according to the time people spend on watching your video. Since there are a variety of factors to decide video ranking, you have to hit the right target by enriching your content.

Increase YouTube viewers through following fun steps.

# 1 Use a customized thumbnail

Do not mislead people from irrelevant and unattractive thumbnails. So, you got to stand out there, maybe picking the right the bright color. It also depends on your channel theme. If you are a simplicity lifestyle Vlogger, you may try minimalist colors, pleasing to the eyes . So ,do not forget to maintain consistency.

Nail your Thumbnail

The best thumbnails are simple and contrast. But it’s you to decide. Be clever enough!

# 2 Make wise use of relevant metadata & tags.

If you want 500 views within 48 hours, you need to take some hints from the popular videos out there in #trending. You can also go to video libraries and sort the most popular videos. Video tags assist to segregate the type of video content. With a nice title and description, also focus on short-tailed SEO.

#3 Set-up cards

Video cards help to increase the watching time of the channel. This interactive element is used to promote channels, playlist, and videos. You follow the following steps to learn further.

  • Go to YouTube Video Manager, Search video you like to add card to and then Click on edit under video’s title
  • Click Cards tab once you see it in the top navigation bar.
  • Click Add Card, click create button
  • Fill all details
  • Decide when to show card to video and drag the card just below where you want it to appear.

# 4 Make a teaser video

Teasers are always a great idea before uploading your complete masterpiece. So, I recommend you to make an awesome teaser video that reflects the core of your to be published contents. Adding a video in a YouTube can be challenging , yet a worthy to win over viewers in a limited time frame.

# 5 Stay Connected- Social Media / Forums

Your people next to you can be your first promotors. Drive traffic from all around the web you can. So, why avoiding this opportunity?  For instance, Facebook is a powerful tool. You can probably make  a live video on Facebook or Instagram and then announce your video release.  Instagram is more of a branding platform rather than getting traffic.


Forums are also one of the ways you can find audiences different than your demographics.You can drive traffic to your videos and get pretty watch time ranking. Here at BAM, we believe in shaping every YouTubers dream , providing you musical content according to your theme, and helping you excel in your field.

Hope here you grabbed some idea to Get my first YouTube Channel 500 views within 48 hours. Stay connected with me for more YouTubing content, #HappyYouTubing. See ya content creators !