We are in the golden era of Mobile Photography. Bygone are the days when taking a photo was a labor-intensive process. You no longer have to invest in expensive cameras and editing softwares. If you have a phone with a good camera, it can even perform better with gadgets and accessories. In this article, we are talking about the 6 best smartphones camera accessories that will help you to get more out of your smartphone cameras. Similarly, you can outshine your competitors if you are a serial content creator with these accessories and some creative tools for filmmakers.

#1 UBeesize Selfie Stick Tripod

6 best smartphones camera accessories
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UBeesize Selfie Stick is more than just a selfie stick. This tripod helps you to take pictures with extra stability and liberates your hands. This all-around selfie stick allows you to take selfies, and also do a live broadcast. It has a universal phone holder compatible with all model phone. It is best for travel blogging, group selfies, and taking a perfect photo. Find out more reasons to buy it.

Notable features

  • Ultra-wide phone clip: The phone clip can extend up to 10 cm. Similarly, 360-degree rotation helps you to take the best angle shot.
  • Bluetooth remote control: Wireless remote control allows you to connect to your smartphone faster.
  • Stylish & Compact: UBeesize is very light and small, weighing 135g. With a stylish finishing, you can take it anywhere you want without worrying about the weight.
  • Battery: The device battery is made up of lithium metal and the average battery life is around 6 months, even if you are using it 10 hours a day.

#2 Moment Tele 58mm Lens

Though smartphones come with a great built-in camera, the major shortcoming is the size of the lens. Moment lens helps you to get dramatic and detailed images if you are into street photography and wide portrait shoots. Moreover, they have optimized optics for the latest sensors.

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Notable features

  • Compatibility: It works with the latest iPhone, Samsung, OnePlus, and Google devices.
  • Stylish and hand polished glass: It has a stylish lock design and a simple twist. This lens is compatible with all of their M-series. Hand-polished glass and aerospace grading metal makes it even more attractive.
  • Warranty: Here is the Good News – you will get a lifetime warranty!
  • Dual Lenses: The device is optimized for dual lenses. If you are using the Camera App from moment pro, you can achieve 2x and 4x optical zoom.
  • Extra: You will also get a carrying bag (microfiber) and a lens cap.

Here is an unboxing video to get more insights into the device.

#3 Orange monkey Foldio360

This is a smart turntable where you can create 360-degree images with your smartphone. Foldio uses Bluetooth and IR sensors to connect to devices. With an edge light to enhance quality, you can capture quality photos for business or personal uses.

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Notable features

  • Automatic Shooting capabilities: IR sensors and Bluetooth help to connect to your smartphone or DSLR camera directly. The process is simple and you will get 360 images with automatically rotating photos.
  • Halo Edge Lighting System: The device enhances image quality with its halo edge light. For instance, you can remove boundary lines.

#4 Pictar Pro

Pictar Pro is for those who want DSLR capabilities in their phone. Likewise, it enables you to add different controls and features. It will convert your phone to a real camera. This was actually developed to bridge the gap between DSLR and smartphone.

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Notable features

  • The physical grip of a real camera: Pictar Pro comes with sturdy buttons and satin-finished brass.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with almost all iPhones and leading Android models.
  • Advanced options: It has advanced flash and advanced zoom as that in the DSLR camera. You can even do manual focus with white balance options. It has a total of 9 advanced shooting modes.
  • Viewfinder: If you are doing a bright indoor or outdoor shoot, Pictar Pro will give you the best shot.

#5 Air Selfie Air Pix

Anyone can take stunning aerial photos and videos with air Selfie Air Pix. They claim it to be the future of personal photography. It is the lightest aerial camera controlled with 6 minute frame time. You can take it everywhere with you. This alternative to a selfie stick is also also good at face detection and gesture control.

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Notable features

  • Always ready to fly: Air Pix is one of the easiest aerial cameras and perfectly captures videos and photos in 360-degree modes or in AutoFly. Likewise, it has smooth air flight stabilization.
  • High-Quality Photos and videos: It can capture 12MP photos and 1080P/30FPS videos.
  • Autonomous flight: Air Pix flies by itself. You can take an uninterrupted selfie without any hassle.
  • In-App image editing: You can do some cool edits with the app and share it to social media directly with live streaming features to YouTube and Facebook.

#6 DJI OM 4 Gimbal

Gimbal is a device that uses sensors and motors to stabilize a camera. DJI OM 4 Gimbal can help you film smooth video footage of the move. These days many smartphones have optical or electronic stabilization, but a gimbal will give a cinematic vibe to your clips. DJI OM 4 Gimbal is certainly a popular and reasonable gimbal to use.

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Notable features

  • Longer Battery Life: Its battery can stay 15 hours under ideal conditions.
  • Magnetic Design: It has a sleek phone clamp with a magnetic ring holder. Similarly, attaching the phone to the ring holder is easy.
  • Dynamic Zoom: You can get a professional dynamic zoom and smooth moves with minimal effort.
  • Active Track: This feature allows you to produce stabilized gimbal video by following the subject. The new improved recognition accuracy is one of the best video stabilizers to organize a family picnic or visit your pet to park.
  • Gesture Control: Long gone are the days when you ask someone else to take your picture. A simple gesture allows you to start a gimbal photo or video.

So all creators and hobbyist out there, get ready to revamp your smartphone camera and take your production to the next level.