What can you find in the backpack of a YouTuber? What essential tools are in his survival pack? In this article we’ll try to see what the 10 best tools and resources for YouTubers are. The things that filmmakers and content creators really can’t live without.

1. Good camera

Obviously, the first best tool that a YouTuber needs is a camera. And a good one preferably. Nowadays, smartphone cameras have reached an incredible quality level. Depending on the model of course, your phone could perfectly be a solid solution to film your YouTube video. If you read our article about the best music for YouTube video, you know that film shot on iPhone for instance can be amazing. But if you want to take things to the next level in terms of gear, you should definitely consider acquiring a DSLR camera. Some can be really expensive but worth the price if you want professional images.

2. Tripod monopod

The tripod has become a symbol that is readily associated with YouTubers. And for good reason, it is an indispensable accessory for video makers. Such tool will help you obtaining a stabilized image even if you have to move around a lot. Gorilla tripod are not very expensive, but they make a real difference, the best tool for aspiring vloggers!

3. Editing software

In the process of creating a good quality content, the main miracle happens during the editing, every filmmaker will tell you that. Depending on how you’ll edit your raw footage, the result can turn out amazing or terrible. Check this article for more tips on video editing. But briefly speaking, I’d recommend you working on Adobe Premiere. It is the most enjoyable and complete software and you will find a lot of online help. Most of YouTubers use that software, filmmakers in general as well. Definitely one of the best tools for you!

4. YouTube Analytics

YouTube gives you the best tools to analyse your videos performance. It’s the Analytics feature of the YouTube Studio. There you’ll be able to analyze data about your number of views, of impressions (how many times your thumbnails were shown to viewers). You can also see from where your audience find and watch your content. You’ll be able to see data about the localization of your audience, their age, and gender. Those data are very valuable, and you should definitely make the most of this tool.

5. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube also gives you another tool known as Audio Library. On this platform, you’ll also find the YouTube Studio. You can browse through a lot of copyright free tracks that you can use for your videos, sound effects as well, while being able to monetize those videos.

6. Google Ads

Google Ads gives you a lot of useful tools. Among them, one in particular can be very helpful for YouTubers. On the “Tools and settings” section you can find the Keyword Planner on the Planning section. Its feature that tells you how well various keywords perform in search results. It gives you keyword suggestion based on the words or expression that you type in. It can be useful to analyze current trends.

7. Canva

It is a graphic design website for social networks and online platform content, among others. Canva will be an essential tool to create different visuals for your YouTube channel, from a variety of template. On this website, you’ll be able to make thumbnails, banners and more with astonishing looks. The application is very easy to use, and you’ll be able to get good results for whatever theme you can think of.

8. Tube buddy

Tube Buddy is an extension that can be useful if you want to have a closer look at data and statistics on YouTube. It becomes highly useful when your channel starts to gain views and subscribers. That extension guides you through the steps to get optimized videos. It provides tools for community management, a lot of data about YouTube video. You can see estimated earnings, engagement rates, historical, SEO and channel data on any video. It also gives you comparison and social monitoring tools.

9. Music licensing company

Music licensing companies can be a better choice in terms of music provider if you feel limited by the YouTube Audio Library. Different online libraries provides content makers with quality soundtracks to use legally through a licensing system. Plus, their catalogue is much more important than that YouTube’s. For instance, BAM Catalogs offer diverse set of music with easy licensing . So, if you are looking forward to step up your YouTube game, that can be a really interesting solution. 

10. Social networks

Finally, do not forget the importance of social networks. You can measure how important they are with the data that you collect through YouTube Analytics for instance. Use these communication channels wisely to share your videos, keep your audience up to date with your news and build a community of consistent viewers.

That’s it for those 10 best tools and resources for YouTubers! If you want to thrive on that platform, you are bound to use them. Now that you know these tools, all you have to do is get started and create your videos!