Today, we are talking about a commercial direction. The world of video production that goes beyond human understanding and help directors to tell a story when no one does. How to direct a commercial production is a huge subject to cover in a single article. However, it will lead you through the essentials in commercial production.

What are commercials?

Also known as micro-films, commercials represent products, brands, or services and are created in collaboration with creative agencies. Commercial time ranges and comes in 3 different versions. 30 second, 60 min, and 2 min commercial for the online content.

Directing a commercial product can be your first step to the world of video production or filmmaking. Unlike movie sets, commercial take like a day and week to shoot, based on location and budget.

The crew involved in commercial direction:

1) Pre-Production

2) Principle photography

3) Post Production

Here is the step by step process on how to direct a commercial video production:

STEP 1: Know your client and their product

Knowing a product is the first step before you begin nurturing the product as a director. To help the audience, see-through a wider perspective. You should also know your client, their expectations, and help in solving a client’s problem by closely studying their pain points. For instance, if it’s a wearable product, try it yourself. The look, the feel, and every detailed element that will help you in the scripting and directing video production process.

STEP 2: Write an Awesome Script

As a storyteller, the commercial script should be great. Start with storyboards and render them in detail. There are freelancers like in Upwork, where you can make them write the script, which is way cheaper. You can also use a cloud-based scriptwriting site. Celtx for instance where writers and clients can both make modifications. Around 5 to 10 revisions are recommendable. Scribble storyboards by picking a perfect vision. Create something memorable and magical and make your story heard from the very beginning so that principal photography would not be a great issue later. This enhances your video production journey beforehand.

Also, time the script, because you have to speak up everything within seconds or a few minutes.

STEP 3: Premier & animate into music

Now your beautiful rendered board deserves a mock-up called “Animatics“. Animatic involves the display of the storyboard in the sequence. it into music and show it to your client. Now lock this animate with feel and tone. TV days, it was 30 sec. With branded content, its 45 seconds, animated with music. If you want jazzy harmonies in brand commercials, Yoggyone track can work with wonders.

STEP 4: Set up an Audition

Take enough time to choose the right talent for your commercials because if the actors suck, your whole spot will be a disaster. When there are so many talents out there, it is easy to find through social media or any other sources. Gone are the days where you had to drag through complex contracts and negotiations. After the semi-final selection, better discuss with clients and choose one.

STEP 5: Choose an engaging production design team and crew

One of the most crucial parts of commercial video production is its production design, simply a set that evokes set details, color schemes, and visual effects in the set. As it is the game sport, make sure to choose a great team with expertise and dedication towards the project. Having appropriate Sound design in video production improves the overall quality.

STEP 6: Book an appropriate location and appropriate gear

When it comes to quality audio and video production, get the right tools. Some adds have a particular requirement like shooting in a green screen requires proper lighting. Also, have a good audio department. While looking for a location, never trust photos. As a director, go yourself with the team and observe electric circuits, ceilings. Even if it’s a studio, ask some questions about the insurance certificate, energy usage charge, etc.

Also, be careful if it fits under the given budget.

STEP 7: Time -schedule & execute the shoot

Now here comes the shoot day. Get prepared with a pre-planned schedule. Watch shots, it is better to have multiple eyes on monitors. Get actress with makeup prepared beforehand, and doublecheck everything.

The main actions are to be placed in SD or 4 by 3 screen area. Be permeable for everything that comes to way like 3D camera moves and does not hesitate to try new.

Supply healthy meals to keep crew energized. Because it might be difficult to regain momentum after the post-lunch.

STEP 8: Gratitude

Once you pack up, there is post-production waiting to boom. But the team did great. So, send warm gratitude to all teams. Maybe something to revise and recommended.

No formula for demystifying, Creativity is in you!

Honestly, there is no secret formula for directing commercials. Listen to your Instincts, go for the momentum drive. As a director you have to see the greater picture, be in someone else shoe. Following a few tactics, revitalizing skills and there you go to open doors to the heart of millions through your ads.

And at times, its okay to feel down self -doubting. But it is life of artist. Making mistake is okay and each of a director can have their own creative process!