Have you ever wondered why you’ve been bombarded with tons of commercials and ads during YouTube videos and sidebars? This is how the channel generates money and so do the creators. But, at the same time, YouTube relies on the diverse community of creators, further making sure that creative content is published consistently. If you are creating a serial video with unique content, it’s high time to reach larger audiences. Here is everything you need to know about the YouTube Partner Program.

What is the YouTube Partner Program?

The YouTube Partner Program is the way of compensating video creators for their creativity. This partnership program allows popular content creators to monetize videos and share revenue with YouTube. It is also known as YPP in abbreviation. The program was officially launched in 2007 to attract serial content makers.

What is the difference between YouTube Monetization and the YouTube Partner Program?

Is there a difference between the two? The answer is yes. Monetizing a YouTube Channel and applying for the partner program are two different ways for creators to generate revenue. But their differences lie in the application process. Here is a video on YouTube monetization and the application process to help you gather more insights. Monetization is quite easy to access to: what you need is a popular video where views can generate revenue. On the other hand, the YouTube Partner Program has a strict screening process. You don’t have to apply for monetization, you need to be invited instead. Even if your video is being monetized, you can apply for the YouTube Partner Program. As a consequence however, you won’t be able to promote your videos in monetization in the partner program.

What are the reasons for a creator to enrol in the YouTube Partner Program?

A verified YouTube Partner channel provides a series of benefits in terms of revenue and building brand strategy.

  1. Generate revenue: YouTube’s reach is universal. With the largest community of audiences, you can reach the audience all around the world and generate money through video monetization. Also, you can earn money from membership, Super Chats, and merchandise.
  2. YouTube Analytics: Besides revenue, YPP gives you the ability to analyze your posts performance and track earnings. This way you can monitor YouTube analytics and examine the tool to improve the performance.
  3. Brand flexibility: Partners will have access to other features like deploying cards and end screens at the video end (linking to websites or merchandise sites). YouTube partners can monetize their videos on various websites and platforms.

What are YPP milestones and eligibility?

To start making money on YouTube, you need audiences, make consistent videos that follow YouTube Partner Program guidelines:

  • You should have 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months
  • There should be a minimum of 1,000 subscribers
  • You have to comply to all policies of YouTube monetization
  • The program should be available in your country. Check here to find eligibility of your country.

How to apply for the YouTube Partner Program Step by Step process

Once you meet the basic eligibility program, you have to go through the 2-step verification process in a Google account.

  1. First of all, login with your account
  2. Click on your profile picture section in the right-hand corner and go to YouTube Studio
  3. Search and click on “Monetization” in the left menu
  4. Then, accept the terms and conditions and you will be able to see Done in the box

After you apply for the program, you will get an email from YouTube

  • Go back to YouTube, sign up for Google AdSense
  • Once you apply, you will receive a letter of confirmation

It may take around a month for YouTube to review your application, since the process is manual.

What is the application checklist of YPP?

  1. You should meet the eligibility threshold of YPP
  2. Secondly, you need to sign up for a Google AdSense account
  3. Then Sign up for the terms and conditions for the Partner Program

What if the channel isn’t approved?

If you don’t meet YouTube’s guidelines, then, you can apply again 30 days after the rejection. However, before reapplying, make sure to have a strong application file. What can you do then?

General guidelines to make your application stronger

  1. First of all, reread the rejection email sent by YouTube that has definite policies explaining the violated policies of your channel.
  2. Make sure you delete or edit any content that might violate YouTube’s policies
  3. Also, work to improve and review your content. For instance, review your video content, description, tags, and titles in accord to YouTube Community Guidelines and Monetization policies.

YouTube will provide you with general reasons explaining why your application was rejected – you would therefore not be aware which video or content is causing an issue.

Make sure to know your content and the resources used in your videos: for instance, if you have a video with copyrighted content in it, remove it.

In a nutshell

So, if you are willing to apply for the Partnership Program, you need to ensure that YouTube has good metrics to review your channel. Follow all the guidelines and if it doesn’t meet them, work hard to improve your content quality and monitor performances. Invest your time to increase your YouTube audience. Not every video on YouTube will have earnings. Those who are earning a lot of money have dedicated themselves to create videos that spark public interest. So, with the guidelines, you need a commitment to the world of creation. Surely, you won’t earn a million overnight. But you will be potentially fit to start earning money right away.

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